Why build a new home?

Property investment can provide you and your family with the opportunity to create and hold onto wealth.

Home and Land package investments are not always considered nor understood, but the opportunities for above market investment returns are real and very compelling.

By understanding the benefits of investing in Brisbane Home and Land packages, you will be able to make an educated investment decision.

What we look for

Development Potential

What will attract more people to the area and drive up demand? (council zoning, infrastructure, building activity, gentrification, school rankings)

Rent Appeal

How easy will the property be to rent? (transportation, employment, education, lifestyle amenity)

Resale Market

How big is the range of potential buyers? (affordability, owner-occupier percentage, supply constraints, comparative market analysis)

Where to live? Land considerations

Built Easy will assist you in finding the perfect block of land for your investment. We’ll guide you through the various steps to securing your block, and ensure factors such as land size, incline and street frontage are taken into consideration. We’ll also help with any developer guidelines governing your land and design choice.

Working with Built Easy also gives you the access to off-market and pre-market land before everyone else, providing a first look at the best high-growth areas in Brisbane, for the best price.

Why choose Built Easy for your investment pathway

Access High Growth Property

We source property in blue-chip locations with a history of consistent long term capital growth, scarcity of land supply, multiple drivers for future growth and healthy buyer & renter markets.

Save Months of Time

Avoid consuming weekends of your time whilst still enjoying the advantages of property custom designed to suit the market, backed by independent research and local expertise.

Get Ahead from the Start

Leverage our straight-forward, proven building process to create equity in your completed new home, putting you ahead from the start.

Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Dollars

Capitalise on huge depreciation benefits of building to potentially save tens-of-thousands in tax.

Hassle-Free, Sleep Easy At Night

Your brand new property will attract high-quality tenants and comes with the benefit of a six year structural guarantee, 12 month minor defect repair & appliance warranties, meaning no surprise maintenance bills or extensive renovations.. simply rent and forget.

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Start your new investment venture with some helpful resources

Investment Guide

Download to read our Ebook from our Investment Series on 'How To Kick Start Your Property Portfolio By Building.'

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Gearing & Positive Cash Flow

Positive cash flows is the aim of any investment as well as maximizing on the non-cash depreciation tax claim.

Coming Soon

Home Designs

Find out the best home designs that will be sure to attract tenants to your investment property.

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Brisbane Hot Spots

Find out the latest need-to-know information about investing in the Brisbane Region.

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