Can't find an existing home to meet your needs?


  • “I like this area, but I can't find the right house here!”
  • “I need a home to accommodate my growing family, without
    breaking the budget.”
  • “I want to live near the city, but that means I need to compromise
    on size for it to be affordable”
  • “I want the ideal home for my lifestyle, but I just don’t like any of
    the home designs on the market.”
  • "All the homes that would work for me require a revamp and
    ongoing maintenance."
  • "I don't want to pay through the roof for something that isn't perfect."

We understand that although there is no shortage of existing property, you can search for days and days and nothing really seems to quite fit.

The most painful part about this experience is wasting precious time on weekends visiting open homes and meeting with agents only to be let down when the property isn't what you were looking for.

Searching for a new home to meet your needs, in a location to meet your lifestyle, can feel impossible without compromise. But it doesn’t have to be! If you’ve found yourself thinking about any of the problems to the left, you might want to consider building your new home.

By taking the time to educate yourself and work alongside us, you can eliminate the ‘surprise’ factor and enjoy a seamless build and a rewarding journey.

Our expert team of building specialists will be able to guide you through the entire process - from helping to choose your block of land through to finding the ideal home design that will suit the requirements of your family now and into the future.

Building doesn't have to be a daunting process


The Home To Meet Your Needs

Select the ideal home design for you based on style and functionality. No need for renovating to make the home livable, and no surprise maintenance after you've moved in!

In The Location To Suit Your Lifestyle

We know location is make or break for your new home! Whether its proximity to work, schooling, necessities or friendship circles, building means you aren't restricted in your choice.

A Place The Whole Family Will Love

Build the ideal home design that will suit the requirements of your family now and into the future. No more compromising on small bedrooms and minimal storage space!

Without Exceeding Your Cost Expectations

Our network of experienced tradespeople and our knowledge on the process ensures you'll know the final price you'll pay and what's included before you pay a cent!

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Working with us looks a little bit like this...


We offer an obligation-free consultation to answer all of your building questions - advantages & drawbacks, timeframes and budget.

You’ll gain clarity about your:

Finances: What can i afford? What am I comfortable spending?

Time-frame for Action: What is my maximum timeframe for moving? What are my short term accommodation options?

Lifestyle & Home Design: What is essential to me? What would I like but am willing to compromise on?

...And save months of time by narrowing your search to options most aligned with your vision and financial situation.

We show you a range of building opportunities in your suburbs of interest and help you answer the following questions:

Where can I build?

What home options do I have?

How much will each option cost?

Due to our close relationships with the top land agents, many of these sites may be off-market or pre-market, not available to the general public.

Working with us to guide you through the search process, you can confidently assess what options you have in your preferred locations and how much they will a matter of minutes!

Full estimation and break down of site works, building variations & important points necessary to build your desired plan on a particular block of land, before you pay a cent.
See how your plan will look and feel on a particular block of land. Using our 3D In-Situ External Render tool.

We will also walk you though some display homes, as many times as you like, so you can see exactly what your home will feel like and the inclusions you'll get!

The average person may only purchase a few properties in their lifetime whereas amongst our team, we help secure around 30 - 50 blocks of land per year. Leverage our experience and close relationship with the agent to negotiate the land contract. In the past, we’ve successfully given the advantage to our clients in a multiple offer scenario or saved them thousands by negotiating a contract price well below asking. After this, our unique package process ensures the plans you select are essentially pre-certified and the bulk of due diligence complete.

Arranging Soils, Contours, Plan modifications, finalising inclusions and issuing a formal new home quote will follow within 21 days, generally before your land contract goes unconditional. We will then submit to council immediately once the land settles to ensure construction of your new home will start as soon as possible!

We will be there from the beginning of your journey, right through to when you get the keys... and even after that!